What is Video Production Services? Everything You Need to Know

    Video is now becoming the easiest way to reach the global client. The video leaves its mark behind in the user’s mind. Most people consume videos to gain knowledge about anything these days. This is the main reason brands are focusing on not just the content that can be read but on the content that can be seen and heard. If you are not using the video in your marketing strategy to improve your brand’s image then you are going to be left behind. Or if you don’t want to hire an in-house video production team then many skilled agencies offer video production services.

    In this article, we will provide you with how can you start your video production marketing. Along with that, we will also cover the top video production services near you, so you can choose accordingly. 

    It is high time to join the global video production service market because it is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 8.39% by 2027.

    List of Common Types of Video Production Services

    video production services

    There are different video formats or types of video production but it depends on the agency to agency what services they use or if you need them or not. So, here are the most common types of video production services that you can find-

    1. Real Estate Video Services: There are service providers that produce real estate videos. are typically under 5 minutes and use many filming techniques like drones, sliders, timelapse, and more to create a mouthwatering video experience.
    2. Commercial/Advertising Video Services: Commercials tend to be 30–90 seconds and can be scripted, docu-style, or animated. This type of service might include sponsored content, branded content, pre-roll, etc.
    3. Promotional Documentary Video Services: These videos range from 1–30 minutes and use interview-driven storytelling. Promotional videos, infomercials, and travel videos typically fall into this category.
    4. Corporate Video Services: Corporate videos include everything from long training videos to brand culture videos to promotional videos and are generally 1–60 minutes in length.
    5. Educational Video Services: Educational videos include explainer videos, PSAs, tutorials, and how-to videos. They can be quick, 30-second, or longer videos for more in-depth topics.
    6. Music Video Services: Music video services include exactly what you imagine (a musician lip-syncing to create a video for their music). However, you can also use them when your video doesn’t need an audio story. Trailers and teaser videos may fall into this category.
    7. Social Media Video Services: Social media videos tend to be 15–60 seconds and can include text, music, and narration. Hence, you can use this type of video across social media platforms and does particularly well on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and most TikTok alternatives.

    10 Best Video Production Services Near Me in the USA

    People using equipment for taking photos making videos and keeping blog isometric composition 3d vector illustration
    1. Skalawag Production: It is a full video production service provider based in Chicago. They start from scratch and build creative videos for your brand. Moreover, they partner with individuals and advertising agencies as well to help strategize, create, and execute videos.
    2. Drop Media: Drop Media is known for its versatility, in handling projects ranging from corporate videos to commercials. Moreover, it offers a collaborative approach and commitment to delivering compelling visual content.
    1. Demo Duck: Specializing in explainer videos and animations, Demo Duck stands out for its creative storytelling and client-focused approach. Also, they prioritize understanding client goals to create engaging and effective video content.
    1. Blue Chalk Media: This company creates documentary-style storytelling. They have a talented team that produces visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos for clients across different sectors.
    1. Outsourcing Buddy: Outsourcing Buddy has a team of experts that produce video content for your site according to your niche. They have a wide range of services including digital marketing services, E-commerce operations, accounting services, and more. Contact them and discuss your business objectives and goals to get the services that fit your needs.
    1. BeElectric Studios: In addition to video production services, it offers versatile studio spaces for shoots. They provide top-notch production facilities and an experienced team. They even do photoshoots for brands, such as AIME LEON DORE X PORSCHE COLLECTION and more.
    1. Fancy Pants Group: Pants Group has gained recognition for its creative and strategic approach to video production. They focus on creating content that not only looks great but also effectively communicates the intended message.
    1. NextThought Studios: NextThought Studios specializes in educational and corporate video production. Also, they excel in creating engaging content that effectively communicates complex ideas and concepts.
    1. PulseCinema: PulseCinema offers cinematic approaches to video production, creating visually stunning content. Furthermore, they offer a range of services, including commercials, corporate videos, and branded content.
    1. Froth & Fur: It provides video production services for engaging and inspiring the audience of client brands. They are experts in making commercials, brand films, animations, and more.

    What Does a Video Production Company Do For its Services?

    video production services

    Its services encompass a range of activities including-

    1. Pre-Production:

    Conceptualization: Collaborates with clients to understand their goals and ideas, helping to develop a creative concept for the video.

    Scriptwriting: Creates a script that outlines the storyline, dialogue, and overall structure of the video.

    1. Planning:

    Storyboarding: Illustrates key scenes and shots to visualize the flow and composition of the video.

    Location Scouting: Furthermore, they identify and select suitable filming locations based on the video’s requirements.

    Casting: If applicable, the company may assist in casting actors or participants for the video.

    1. Production:

    Filming: Utilizes professional equipment to capture high-quality video footage, ensuring proper lighting, framing, and sound.

    Direction: Also, it guides actors and crew to bring the script to life, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing narrative.

    Equipment Setup: Additionally, they handle technical aspects such as camera setup, lighting, and audio recording.

    1. Post-Production:

    Editing: Combines and refines the captured footage to create a seamless and engaging final product.

    Adding Effects: Incorporates visual effects, graphics, and animations as needed.

    Sound Design: Enhances audio quality through editing, adding music, and incorporating sound effects.

    Color Grading: Adjusts the colors and tones to achieve a specific visual style or mood.

    1. Review and Revisions:

    Client Feedback: Seeks input from the client throughout the production process to ensure their vision aligns with the final product.

    Revisions: Make necessary adjustments based on client feedback to achieve the desired outcome.

    1. Final Delivery:

    Exporting: Prepares the video in various formats suitable for different platforms (web, TV, social media, etc.).

    Distribution: Assists in distributing the final video to the intended audience or platform.

    1. Additional Services:

    Marketing and Promotion: Some video production services help businesses by marketing and promoting the finished video.

    Consultation: Provides advice and expertise on video strategy, including content planning and distribution.


    With this information, you are now fully equipped with the knowledge of what a video production service does. Along with that, you can make decisions on how to choose the company that offers services for your niche.

    From the given list of service providers in the USA, you can pick the one that fits your budget and other factors. However, to get a free consultation, schedule a quick meeting with the Outsourcing Buddy. Also, they have the combined expertise of 50+ years, so you don’t just get services but the experience of years as well for your videos.

    Take the marketing of your brand to the next level with the best videos and stay ahead of your competitors. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How can I find reputable Video Production Services near me?

    Answer: To get the service provider for your brand’s video production near you, you can do research, make a list, and check their previous work, client reviews, and other important factors. Remember, the more you research about the provider the more the chances are to get the best production of videos for your brand.

    Question: How much do video production services cost?

    Answer: The cost of video production services can vary widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the duration of the video, the level of expertise required, and the location of the production. Therefore, we recommend you request a customized quote based on your specific needs and budget.

    Question: What is the typical timeline for video production projects?

    Answer: The timeline for video production projects can vary based on the project’s complexity and requirements. Generally, a video production project involves pre-production planning, which may take a few weeks, followed by the actual shooting or filming. Post-production, including editing and revisions, can take additional weeks.

    Question: Can a video production company help with the marketing and distribution of the final video?

    Answer: Some companies may provide guidance on video marketing strategies, assist with optimizing videos for online platforms, and even help with distribution. We advise you to discuss these aspects during the initial consultations. Hence, you can ensure that your video production company can meet your marketing and distribution needs. 

    Question: What factors should I consider when choosing a video production service?

    Answer: When selecting a video production service, consider factors such as the company’s portfolio, experience in your industry, client testimonials, the team’s expertise, and the equipment used. Additionally, discuss your project requirements in detail to gauge how well the company understands your vision.

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